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Air Freight

Winstar airfreight network spans the globe through cargo agreements with some of the worlds top airlines, our branch & agents in China serve as effective links between China and overseas markets.

  • Worldwide Air Freight Service

  • Charter Flight Service in Mid-Aisa

  • DG Cargo Consultant Service

  • Over Size & Weight Service

Ocean Freight

Winstar provides a wide range of sea freight forwarding services and destinations, covering most of the worlds major ports. We maintain good space allotment relationships with many of the world’s top carriers. Our sea freight forwarding services include consolidation services and cargo transshipment, including cargo for turnkey projects.

  • HongKong-Worldwide

  • Shenzhen-Worldwide

  • Shanghai-Worldwide

  • NingBo - Worldwide

  • Wuhan - Worldwide


Warehouse solutions

Based on our many years experience which we provide comprehensive storage management services for the international computer motherboard company, and our customizable IT management system, we can provide the customized and personalized VMI, CKD, SKD services solutions, and import and export distribution services. one by one pick the goods service...

  • VMI Service: Vendor Management Inventory

  • CKD Service: Completely Knock Down

  • SKD Service: Semi Knock Down

  • DC service.



Transport services as the last paragraph of business operation, directly reflects the ultimate level of service, in order to ensure consistency of service quality, we can provide customers the related transport services.

Overseas Transport Services

Based on our own subsidiaries overseas, we can provide the initial local general and regulatory transport services, whether it is the West coast of the United States to the East Coast, or western Europe to Eastern Europe, we can provide relevant transport solutions

South China-Central China-East China Land Express service in the mainland.

Based on years of domestic transport operations, as well as the rapid growth of the domestic highway, combined with our strong partner, our company at the same time, in East China, central China, south China, we can provide the land Express service for customer.

CN-HK Border transportation service

we can provide the CN-HK Border transportation service in Pearl River Delta of China.

China Drug Express service

we can be customized for customers by road of the drug refrigerated transport services to resolve some of the drugs must use dry ice to freeze the problem.


Logistics Solution

Base on our professional operation and management team, and all the service resource we held, and we deeply know the world wide customs & logistics policy, so we can provide all the logistics solution for our customer, from basic truck transportation, logistics consultancy, to supply chain management.

  • World wide air,ocean freight forwarding

  • China-Eu rail way solution

  • Hand carry services express delivery solution

  • Transportation solution from South China to East China or Middle China.